The research carried out by RCSD faculty members and regional partners has highlighted the impacts of regionalization and economic development in a number of areas, in particular with regard to transnational migration, urban development and the impacts of environmental changes on a variety of social groups, as well as on poverty and health. These research findings have been published in the form of monographs and a series of working papers. A number of papers presented at RCSD conferences and regional seminars have also been published as collected volumes.


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The Role of Ethnic Media in the "New Myanmar"
Soe Lynn Htwe

Soe Lynn Htwe shows in this volume how ethnic media outlets in Myanmar are facing a new set of challenges in the rapidly changing society and economy of Myanmar. Ethnic minority people in Myanmar now finally have the opportunity to present themselves and their perspectives via their own media after decades of misrepresentation in official news produced under central state control. At this time, access to accurate information from trustworthy soruces is crucial for ethnic minority peoples in Myanmar because of huge natural resource exploitation projects and unsettled armed conflicts in ethnic minority areas, and the role of these ethnic media outlets is perhaps greater than ever before. 

Publication date : May 2017 Price : 200 Baht / 0 US$
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Burma Series - UMD 6-compressed.pdf

Changes and Challenges: The Khami Chin People of Southern Chin State and their Adaptive Livelihood Strategies
Kyin Lam Mang

In this fifth volume of the Understanding Myanmar’s Development series, anthropologist Kyin Lam Mang—himself an ethnic Chin—has conducted an extended case study of the Khami Chin people of the Sami area of Myanmar’s southwestern Chin State. In the past the Khami Chin made their livelihood through shifting subsistence cultivation, using natural resources of the area and largely left alone by the Burmese state. The modern era—beginning with British colonization—has wrought drastic cultural, economic, and environmental changes on the Khami Chin way of life.

Kyin Lam Mang takes a holistic look at how political and economic policies and administrative mismanagement of the last three decades, compounded by ecological degradation and a natural disaster called the mautam crisis in 2010, have resulted in grinding poverty and a host of transformations to the community’s cultural practice, livelihood, and well-being.

Publication date : May 2017 Price : 200 Baht / 0 US$
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Burma Series - UMD 5.pdf

Evaluating Varieties of Rice Adapted to Lowland Rainfed Conditions in Central Myanmar: A Farmer Participatory Approach
Khin Swe Hlaing Tun

Owing to traditional farming techniques and uneven rainfall, rice productivity in the central dry zone of Myanmar is low, especially in areas with inherent low soil fertility. Rice production—integral to the socio-cultural and economic lives of the people—is becoming ever more challenging and the people of the area live with constant insecurity and vulnerability. This research is a broad effort to help the farmers of Central Myanmar improve their rice production by reducing production costs and maintaining sustainable, stable yield through adverse environmental conditions.

Publication date : January 2017 Price : 200 Baht / 0 US$
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Final for print Burma Series - UMD 4.pdf

The Role of General Practitioners in the Myanmar Health Care System: A Study of Private Clinics in Yangon Region, Myanmar
Pyone Mjinzu Lwin

In this third volume of the UMD series, Pyone Mjinze Lwin conducted qualitative research surveying 15 independent general practitioner clinics, exploring how general practitioners manifest their practice within the constraints of Myanmar’s healthcare system, both in relation to patients’ experiences dealing with the health care system, and in how patients develop health care preferences for different services.

Publication date : January 2017 Price : 200 Baht / 0 US$
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final for print Burma Series - UMD 3.pdf

Factors Influencing the Uses and Effects of Small Loans: The Case of Lamzaang, a Rural Village in Northern Chin State
Cin Khan En Do Pau

In this first volume of the Understanding Myanmar’s Development series, the author Cin Khan En Do Pau (also known as John takes a deep and methodical look into microfinance in the community of Lamzaang village. Through careful analysis of the entire process of debt-taking and the provision of small scale loans, John penetrates to the heart of the issues and social context in which villagers decide to enter micronance schemes and, in the end, how they utilize that capital—for better or for worse.

Publication date : December 2016 Price : 200 Baht / 0 US$
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94100 1485833618_Final Burma Series - UMD 1.pdf

A Threatened Identity: Social Structure and Traditional Leadership in Cho Chin Society before Christianity
Salai Myochit

Salai Myochit—himself an ethnic Chin—conducted a focused ethnographic study on several Cho communities in Chin state. He set out to record the oral history of the Cho Chin people prior to their conversion to Christianity in the 1960’s and 1970’s. More than just a cultural archive, this research provides insight into the social structure and leadership rituals of a subsistence, community-based society and people with unique practices of status and power, conferred by the possession of the ox-like mithun. This research is especially precious now as these rituals and practices are under serious threat from modernization, globalization, and the government policies of today’s Myanmar.

Publication date : December 2016 Price : 200 Baht / 0 US$
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19800 1485833332_Final Burma Series - UMD 2.pdf

Rethinking Development Studies in Southeast Asia: State of Knowledge and Challenges
Chayan Vaddhanaputi

This volume is a final wrap-up of the findings of the presentations and papers presented in March 2015 at the "Rethinking Development Studies in Southeast Asia: State of Knowledge and Challenges" conference, hosted by RCSD at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University. The aim of the conference was to reflect on the current state of development studies within and outside of Southeast Asia, especially in the context of the great transformations of recent years, and just ahead of the implementation of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). Many of the challenges considered at the time of the conference are all the more-concerning now: climate change, river management, smog, human rights, human trafficking, environmental issues, displacement, land grabbing, and many others.

The publication is divided into two sections. The first section consists of an assembly of articles on development studies issues, while the second section highlights the various programs that attended and discusses the themes that developed through the conference. 

Publication date : December 2016 Price : 280 Baht / 0 US$
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80300 1485425035_Rethinking Development for web.pdf

Uncertain Lives: Changing Borders and Mobility in the Borderland of the upper Mekong
Wasan Panyagaew and Bai Zhihong
“...this collection forms a noble addition to and an advance on an already considerable genre of ethnically-focused collections on the borderlands between China and mainland Southeast Asia, in which ethnographic work emanating from northern Thailand has been crucial and pivotal...”
“...What is remarkable about this collection of studies is that it represents the latest in a now very strong set of collaborations between social scientists at Chiang Mai University in northern Thailand, and those at Yunnan University in China, and it is fair to say that new perspectives and approaches are emerging from these forms of regional cooperation which, more and more, include researchers from Laos and Vietnam also. What sometimes used to be called “Leach country” is no longer the case; it has been returned to those who live in and understand the region and its unique points of view best...”
Publication date : 2015 Price : 280 Baht / 9 US$

Mon-Khmer: Peoples of the Mekong Region
Ronald D.Renard and Anchalee Singhanetra-Renard
Mon-Khmer Peoples are found in all six Mekong countries: Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. This volume includes over a dozen studies of the Blang/Palaung, Kmhmu;, and Kui/Suai, as well as several reports on the Wa. Also included are bibliographies on each of these groups as well as the Mon-Khmer as a whole. Authors include ethnic Mon-Khmer, academics young and old, and government officials.  Taking advantage of increased opportunities for research and to visit remote areas in the Region, this book is intended to increase awareness of these peoples and to  encourage more research. 
Publication date : March 2015 Price : 650 Baht / 0 US$

Transforming Societies in Myanmar: The Dynamics of Conflict and Cooperation, The Shadows of Success: Transformation and Marginalisation in Southeast Asia
Lahpai Seng Raw, Jonathan Rigg, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-974-672-910-9

Keynote Addresses Delivered at the 2014 Asia and the Pacific Sociological Association (APSA) Conference Transforming Societies: Contestations and Convergences in Asia and the Pacific In Conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University 15-16 February 2014 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Publication date : November 2014 Price : 100 Baht / 0 US$
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