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NO. Author Paper Title Abstract Paper PPT
1 Mathias Jenny Foreign influence in the Burmese language
2 Adam P MacDonald Expected but Permanent? : The Tatmadaw’s Continued Political Involvement in Myanmar
3 Adam Simpson Natural Resource Use and Environmental Governance in Myanmar
4 Ah Suhn Ghoemeh Language Vitality among the Akha in Myanmar
6 Akkanut Wantanasombut Struggling in Dispossession and Displacement: Ethnic Peoples’ Networking, Identification and Livelihood Strategies
7 Alexander Horstmann Human Rights and Social Suffering of the Karen - A Vernacular Perspective
8 Amalie Weinrich The Symbolic Politics of Power: A Framework for Understanding the Strategy Behind Myanmar's 'Race and Religion Protection Laws'
9 Ampika Rattanapitak A concept of “ʔa-nà-dɛ”: the feeling of considering for the other by Myanmar people
10 Amporn Jirattikorn Thai Buddhist Monk Khruba Boonchum, Burmese Ethnic Following and the Shift in a Millenarian Movement at the Thailand-Burma Borders
11 Amrita Dey Examining the China, US Factor in India and Myanmar Relations
12 Anselm Feldmann When Stories Wander: Ideas on the Co-Production of Social Movements’ Narratives in Transnational Space
13 Ardeth Thawnghmung The Politics of Indigeneity and Two Tales of Citizenship in Myanmar
14 Areewan Sombunwatthanakun Foreign Aid and Local Response in Postconflict State
15 Ashley Scott Kelly Opening Tenasserim: Governance models for frontier infrastructure
16 Ashley South Politics of the Myanmar Peace Process
17 Ashley South Ethnic Politics and Citizenship
18 Aung Myint The Gaps to fill in Myanmar Traditional Medicine: On the Road to ASEAN Harmonization 2015
19 Aung Myo Min Rakhine Migrant Factory Workers' Social Network and Learning Process in Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone
20 Aung Zaw Moe Understanding the Health Seeking Behavior of Community People with Lay-ngan-yaw-gar (Stroke) in Myanmar: A Study in Bago
21 Aye Aye Oo Comparative Study on the Myanmar Cloth Painting Fine Art during 11th- 18th Century AD through Documentary References and Survey Findings
22 Aye Sandar Phyo Drivers for Changing Livelihoods of Farming and Landless Households in Ayeyarwaddy Delta
23 Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière Dhamma predication and political transition
24 Brooke Schedneck Tourism and Monastic Education in Mandalay
25 Camilla Jane Standhart Agents of Change – An Anthropological Analysis of Myanmar Youth Engaging in Activism
26 Cathy Tun Dynamics Of The Myanmar Drum Ensemble
27 Chan Myawe Aung Sun Communal Festivals and Events as a Means of Fostering Social Cohesion in a Poor Neighbourhood of Yangon
28 Charlotte Fraser Academic Opportunity for Burmese Migrant Students in Takua Pa District
29 Chirada Na Suwan ‘Towards National Youth Policy: Strengthen Myanmar new generation’
30 Chung-Tong Wu Globalizing Burma/Myanmar: The Urban Dimension
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