13 February 2020
Seminar: Microfinance Expansion and Land Security in Cambodia
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Speaker: Ms. Phasy Res, University of Paris Sorbonne
Moderator: Daniel Hayward (Mekong Land Research Forum, RCSD)

Date: Thursday February 13 th 2020
Time: 10.00-12.00

Venue: meeting room 4107 (glass room), 1st floor, Faculty of Social Sciences

This presentation of PhD research looks at the relationship between microfinance expansion and land security in Cambodia. In particular, it hopes to understand how the current microfinance model which requires land titles as collateral creates different forms of
vulnerability for rural households in Cambodia such as landlessness. Several characteristics will be explored such as communities with communal land titles vs. individual land titles, and communities with a high risk of over-indebtedness. The preliminary findings will illustrate how microfinance shapes land use, future land access, and control. It will also discuss the subjectivity around using the land titles as collateral and potential confiscations
if the lender fails to repay the loan.