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Dr. Shirley Lorraine Worland
Country : Australia
Period : 12 months
Research : Lives and Livelihoods of Displaced Communities in Northern Thailand

Ms. Erin Kamler
Country : United States of America
Period : 10 months
Research : The Trafficking of Women In Thailand: Culture, Moral Performance and the Construction of a Transnational Movement

Ms. Indrė Balčaitė
Country : Lithuania
Period : 12 months
Research : Karen networks in Thailand

Ms. Natcha Tulyasuwan
Country : Thailand
Period : 6 months
Research : Forest Conservation Policies and REDD+: Tenure Security and Livelihood of Hill Tribe People

Ms. Yunxia Li
Country : China
Period : 1 month
Research : Lao Akha perceptions and responses to the recent intrusion of rubber plantations within community livelihood structures

Ms. Elsa-Suan Laine
Country : China
Period : 1 month
Research : Thailand in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS): Bordertowns Internationalization strategy and regional cooperation; case study of twin cities Thai-Lao border

Dr. Priyambudi Sulistiyanto
Country : Indonesia
Period : 1 month
Research : To learn about Thai scholars or NGOs working on local/regional issues, particularly on local social and political aspects

Dr. Yonjong Kim
Country : Korea Sout
Period : 12 months
Research : Why Asian people are enthusastic on Korean way of popular culture?

Prof. Dr. Charles F. Keyes
Country : United States of America
Period : 5 months
Research : Visiting Professor

Mr. Jonathan Peters
Country : Germany
Period : 5 months
Research : urbanization in the Mekong sub-region
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