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Ms. Dwi Any Marsiyanti
Country : Indonesia
Period : 4 months
Research : Socio-economic Security for Poor People Live in around Forest Area

Dr. Carl Grundy Warr
Country : Singapore
Period : 10 months
Research : Geopolitics and the Politics of People and Place in Mainland Southeast Asia

Ms. Vanessa Lamb
Country : Canada
Period : 10 months
Research : Knowledge, Conservation and Culture: Writing the local ecologies of the Salween River

Ms. Seo Bo Kyeong
Country : Korea Sout
Period : 17 months
Research : Universal Health Coverage and the Politics of Reproduction in Contemporary Thailand

Mr. Daniel Ahlquist
Country : United States of America
Period : 9 months
Research : In the Nature of Changing Land: Forest Conservation, Agrarian Change and Local Livelihoods in Upland Northern Thailand

Ms. Victoria Vorreiter
Country : United States of America
Period : 3 years
Research : Tribal Music and Culture

Ms. Sri Wahyuni
Country : Indonesia
Period : 12 months
Research : Potentials of Local Traditions: A Study its Development for Social Transformation in Japan and Thailand

Mr. Soe Win Sai Latt
Country : Myanmar
Period : 12 months
Research : Depoliticalization, Securitization and Violent Accumulation in the Integration of the Greater Mekong Sub-region

Ms. Phuong Linh Thi Huynh
Country : Vietnam
Period : 4 months
Research : Irrigation Systems in Changing Context Challenges and Adaptability, Chiang Mai Valley, Thailand

Asst.Prof.Dr. Tun Myint
Country : United States of America
Period : 13 months
Research : Local Social Changes in Responses to Global Environmental Changes in Thailand and Lao PDR
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