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Curriculum Structure

1. General Education 32 Credits

1.1 Language and Communication

  • Listening and Speaking in English
  • Reading and Writing in English
  • Critical Reading and Effective Writing
  • English in Professional Contexts
12 Credits

1.2 Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Information Literacy and Information Presentation
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Man and Art
9 Credits

1.3 Science and Mathematics

  • Information Technology and Modern Life
  • Statistics for Everyday Life and Work
  • The World of Science
9 Credits

1.4 Learning Through Activities

  • Learning through Activities I
    (virtue and morality in work cooperation as a team)  
  • Learning through Activities II
    (personality and social skill preparation)
2 Credits
*** Foreign students who use English as a major language with evidence of certification are required to take Thai language or Thai culture courses with approval of the Academic Program Committee.***
2. Field of Specialization 93 credits

2.1 Core courses

  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Contemporary Theories in Social Sciences
  • Research Methods in Social Sciences
  • Human Geography  
  • Fundamental in Sociology and Anthropology
  • Principles of Economics I
  • Principles of Economics II
24 credits
2.2 Major at a minimum of 69 credits

2.2.1  Required courses

  • Introduction to Southeast Asia
  • Development Theories and Practices
  • Transnationalism and Social Issues      
  • Urbanism and Development 
  • Economic Development and Spatial Integration
  • Gender and Development 
  • Seminar
  • Independent Study
  • Energy, Environment and Society
  • Space, Society and Development
  • Family and Change
  • Agrarian Society in a Modern World
  • Politics in Cultures and Societies
  • Globalization

2.2.2 Elective courses

  • Alternative 1: A student must take major elective courses not less than 27 credits, or
    Alternative 2:
    A students must take Cooperative Education in Social Sciences and select major elective courses not less than 21 credits
  • Religions and Social Changes
  • Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
  • Poverty andHealth       
  • Resource Management and Development
  • Migration in Southeast Asia      
  • Environment and Social Movements in Southeast  Asia 
  • Geography of Development      
  • Society and Culture of Southeast Asia    
  • Thai Society and Culture 
  • Ethnicity and Pluralism
  • Society, Culture and Media   
  • Health and Medicine in Modern Society
  • Human Security and Human Rights
Or other courses with approval of the Academic Program Committee
3.  Free Electives 6 credits


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