Thesis proposal examination: Indigenous Schooling in Kawng Hka Village

Thesis proposal examination: The Challenges of Land Acquisition for Urban Expansion to Land Tenure and Livelihood Security of Ethnic Yang People in Kyu Yone Village, Myanmar’s Shan State

Thesis Examination: Implication of Myanmar Political Transitions on IDPs’ Access to Land and their Human Security in Karenni State

Thesis proposal examination: The Impacts of Land Formalisation in the Multi-ethnic Area of Htamanthi - A Case Study of Counter-territorialisation and the Remaking of Ethnic Identity in Htamanthi, Sagaing, Myanmar

Thesis Proposal: Sustainable Tourism in “Chiang Khong - One City Two Patterns” Development Model

Thesis proposal examination: Property Rights of Local Community in Community Forestry Practice in Cambodia - A Case of Pu Les Community Forest, Mondulkiri Province, Eastern Cambodia

Thesis Proposal Examination: Traffic Safety as a Social Construct: exploring interdependencies of policy, enactment and individual behavior for a sustainable, safer traffic environment in Chiang Mai

Thesis Examination: Chiang Rai United Football Club and The Construction of Provincial Identity in Northern Thailand

Thesis proposal examination: The impacts of Human Capital on rural-urban migrants and their socio-economic links with their families - A case study of Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar

Thesis Examination - “Commodification of Education in Myanmar’ Chin State under the Shadow Education System”

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