The research carried out by RCSD faculty members and regional partners has highlighted the impacts of regionalization and economic development in a number of areas, in particular with regard to transnational migration, urban development and the impacts of environmental changes on a variety of social groups, as well as on poverty and health. These research findings have been published in the form of monographs and a series of working papers. A number of papers presented at RCSD conferences and regional seminars have also been published as collected volumes.


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Redefining Nature : Karen Ecological Knowledge and Challenge in Modern Conservation Paradigm
Pinkaew Laungaramsri

ISBN: 81-86945-17-2

This book is an ethnography that offers a critical analysis of the development of the dominant nature conservation ideology in Thailand and the response by the Karen people and their ecological knowledge. Focusing on the centralisation of "nature" and peripheralisation of ethnic hill people, the author examines the way in which certain discourses and rhetoric regarding "hill tribes contra nature" have been made prominent and persistent within not only the state perceptions but also throughout the conflicts between ethnic hill people and other social groups such as lowland communities and nature conservationists. Central to the book is the study of the way in which the Karen, a "hill tribe," marginalised by their engagement in the discourse of nature conservation, creatively respond to their marginality. Counter-discourses through re-invented forms of local knowledge and appropriation of foreign knowledge are examined in detail within the Karen challenge to the modern conservation paradigm.

Publication date : December 2001 Price : 350 Baht / 14 US$

Local Control of Land and Forest : Cultural Dimension of Natural Resource Management in Northern Thailand
Anan Ganjanapan
This book is a fine collection of essays, reflecting Dr. Anan Ganjanapan's intellectual advance into the area of culture and resource management during the last two decades. The essays organized into seven chapters, showing Dr. Anan's early theoretical interest in land tenure and the complexities of the contflicts and contradictions between the lowland farmers and the capitalist class, and his late interest in the issues of customary rights and foreset resource management. Dr. Anan uses the concept of culture as thread connecting the issues of local control of land and forest, conflict between local people and the state with regard to forest and land management, as well as the practice of community forest in Northern Thailand. He also demonstrates how the "study from below" can help us to understand the dynamic interpenetration between state and local communities in the context of resource management and the process of commercialization and development. Dr. Chayan Vaddhanaphuti
Publication date : 2000 Price : 375 Baht / 20 US$
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