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The RCSD offers a number of research fellowships to scholars from the region with the aim to enhance understanding, information sharing and mutual learning.

Under the Program for Knowledge and Educational Enhancement in the Mekong Region (PKEEMR), a program supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, there are two kinds of fellowships intended to support scholars in the Mekong Region to use social science tools to explore issues such as trans-border relations, resource management, ethnicity and cultural diversity, all in the context of regionalized development.  The PKEEMR fellowships are:

The two fellowship programs are as follows:

  • Visiting Scholar Fellowships

    Visiting Scholar Fellowships are granted to academics, researchers and NGO workers from countries in the Mekong Region who would like to spend time in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary and academic environment at RCSD for a period of three to six months. Fellows will be requested to write working papers based on their research projects and their areas of respective interest.

    Application period to be announced.


  • Small Research Grants

    Small Research Grants provide an opportunity for people from both the academic and non-academic sectors, such as NGOs and media organizations, to conduct research in areas of social science and sustainable development focused on the Mekong Region. Mid-career researchers, NGO workers, development practitioners, as well as MA and Ph.D students who are pursuing their field research, are all eligible to apply for the research grants.  The grants will be six months to one year in duration and will culminate in a written report on the research topic chosen. Research reports completed by participants in the program will be considered for publication, either as part of the RCSD working paper and monograph series, or within existing academic journals.

    Application period to be announced.


In addition, we offer “Understanding Myanmar’s Development” research fellowships.  Funded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC), this program is open to Myanmar citizens and Myanmar diaspora. It is intended for junior and mid-level researchers from academic and non-academic sectors, including independent researchers from the media, NGOs and the private sector. Each year, up to ten twelve-month fellowships will be awarded to fund social science research projects in the following four general areas:  social and economic development; agrarian transformation, environment and climate change; health and health care systems; media and society.

The application deadline for the 2013-2014 program year is 15 June 2013. 
Please see our website at http://mrf-fellowships.weebly.com.






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