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Reconstruction of Community in Nargis Affected Areas: A Case Study of Pyapon, Ayeyarwaddy Delta, Myanmar. (2013.)
Phyu Phyu Thi

  In an effort to document the elements of community resilience and develop recommendations for better disaster preparedness at the community level, this study examines the process of community reconstruction...
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Powers of Exclusion in Access to Fisheries: A Case Study of Vietnamese Community in Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia. (2013.)
Theavy Chhom

Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia is currently undergoing rapid change, with the rise of a number of state agencies significantly influencing the landscape - having imposed a regulatory regime with respect to local access...
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Feminization of Modernity: Case Study of Female Migrant Workers in Garment Factory in Vientiane, Laos. (2013.)
Latdavone Khamphouvong

Socio-economic change in rural and urban Lao society, combined with Laos’ policy on rural development, has put pressure on the need for urbanization and modernity. These changes are one of the key contributory factors...
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Hmong Dubbed Series: The Production and Consumption of Asian Dramas Among Hmong Community in Lao PDR. (2012.)
Alounyang Yongye

  The Hmong constitute an ethnic minority in every country they live.  For the Hmong in Laos, after the end of the civil war in 1975, the Hmong who fought alongside the Americans displaced to the United States...
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Shan Migrant Workers' Learning Practices in Chiang Mai City: Construction of Cultural Capital and Social Capital in Transnational Space. (2012.)
Kyaw Kyaw Min Htut

  Labor migration and its related issues have attracted increased interest from the media, scholars, and policymakers in Thailand over the past decade. Labor migrants from Burma have gained the most attention...
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Vulnerability and Adaptation of Communities to Industrial Pollution in Danang City, Vietnam. (2012.)
Ngoc Pham Thi Bich

  Industrial development has been defined as the key development paradigm in Vietnam since the Innovation Policy (Doi Moi) was promulgated in 1986. This approach has introduced a variety of issues into the country,...
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Politics of Tourism and Ethnic Identity: A Case Study of the Tharu Community in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. (2011.)
Suman Pandit

  States usually adopt territorialization policies in the name of development and bio-diversity conservation, and in Nepal, this approach has affected the livelihoods of the indigenous and ethnic peoples....
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Spaces of Exception and Shifting Strategies of the Kokang Chinese Along Myanmar/China Border. (2011.)
Myint Myint Kyu

This study attempts to highlight and explore the decentralization of government administration activities to the Kokang Special Region (1) in Myanmar, which is situated along the Myanmar/China border, a move which has...
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Politics of Identity and Articulations of Belonging: A Transnational Kachin Community in Northern Thailand. (2007.)
Seng-Maw Lahpai

This study is an investigation and analysis of the Kachin ethnic group in Northern Thailand focusing on the politics of identity and articulations of belonging in the context of transnational movement and migration. This...
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Weaving Identity: A Case Study of Livelihood of Female Weavers in a Factory in Vientiane Lao PDR.. (2011.)
Engsone Sisomphone

The main focus of this thesis is to present the story of women weavers in the weaving industry with emphasis on the identity, lives and status of women weavers in modernizing society of Lao PDR, including the negotiating...
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