Job Vacancy: PhD or Postdoctoral Research Assistant: The Political Ecology of Haze in Northern Thailand
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PhD student or Postdoctoral Research Assistant Position
The Political Ecology of Haze in Northern Thailand

The Political Ecology of Haze in Northern Thailand research project seeks a PhD student and/or post-doctoral research assistant to collaborate on a three-year, international project to examine the socio-ecological dimensions of seasonal air pollution in northern Thailand. Funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (Award #1829160), this project is led by two foreign scholars from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and The French Research Institute on Sustainable Development (IRD). 

  • Monthly salary for PhD research assistant (student registered in a PhD program at Chiang Mai University): 16,000 Baht + Tuition.
  • Monthly salary for postdoctoral research assistant: 28,000 Baht
  • Starting date is negotiable.

The candidate will focus on either rural or urban perspectives of seasonal haze pollution. The rural-focused candidate will research fire practices, local knowledge and management among rural communities in Chiang Mai province. He/she will also study the transformations of such practices as well as the narratives of air pollution among both uplander and lowlander farmers. The urban-focused candidate will research the attitudes and perspectives of urban dwellers (including scientists, civil society actors, tourism practitioners, and others) on seasonal air pollution in northern Thailand. He/she will analyse the contemporary forms of mobilization, contestation as well as transmission of knowledge about air pollution, its measurement and impact. He/she will also investigate the historical dimensions of air pollution.

Job duties include but are not limited to: ethnographic fieldwork and frequent travel in northern Thailand under the supervision of the project leaders, literature searches, reference management, textual analysis, Document review & editing, transcription and translation, archival research, and other duties as required. The estimated average workload is 25-30 hours per week.

Applicants must have a good command of written and spoken English and Thai. An academic background in social science at the equivalent or higher than the MA level is required. Knowledge of ethnic languages and/or rural areas around Chiang Mai is desirable for the rural focused candidate. Previous experience with Chiang Mai urban planners, tourism practitioners and/or local NGOs or civil society is desirable for the urban focused candidate.

Candidates must send a CV and a one-page letter of interest to Mary Mostafanezhad (, Olivier Evrard ( and RCSD ( The letter of interest should address 1) how you meet the minimum and desirable qualifications; 2) your relevant experience and skills; and 3) how the position will contribute to your academic and professional goals (e.g. dissertation research, publications, etc). Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview on a rolling basis. The starting date is negotiable. 



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