Call for MA Development Studies Applications 2019 (Round 2)
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Call for Applications 2019 (Round 2)
International Program, Master of Arts in Social Science (Development Studies)
Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University

Want to work in development?
Looking for a career as a sustainability professional, development specialist, humanitarian worker, social researcher, or policy maker! Start the journey down your career path with an International Master program in Social Science, specialize in Development Studies. With a cross-cultural learning environment, our field-based research program adopts a critical stance, concentrating on human-centered, ecologically-sensitive, local livelihood-focused development amidst the globalized context of Southeast

Scholarships opportunities;

- CMU Presidential Scholarship
- TA/RA Scholarship

*for further information please visit our graduate school website;
For further information on the program, please contact via email:

Deadline for application: 28 JUNE 2019