Research Publication Series: Critical Perspectives on Regional Integration (CPRI)
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RCSD would like to introduce the publications of the "Critical Perspectives on Regional Integration" (CPRI) series. This series is the product of teaching and research at RCSD; primary postgraduate research for theses in RCSD's Master of Social Science (Development Studies) program.

The publications in this series shine a light on various phenomena that result from increased connectivity and regionalization between the five countries of mainland Southeast Asian (Burma/Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam).

The series shows engaged research that touches on physical and social mobility, boundary crossing, and the building of ethnic identities. The various publications also address social, cultural and environmental sustainability, and the ways livelihoods are sustained and transformed in mainland Southeast Asian.

All of the CPRI books are available for purchase through the Chiang Mai University Press website here in both print and e-book versions:

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