Border Development, Resettlement and Adaptation in a Special Economic Zone: A Case Study of Khuan Village, Tonpheung District, Boeko Province in Lao PDR
. 2013.
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Tonpheung district is one of the poorest towns in Bo Kaeo Province, Lao PDR. Khuan village is one of the villages in the town; the majority of the local households there rely on farming and gardening to meet their daily subsistence needs. Lao PDR is in the process of an important transition to market oriented economy; the state has applied strategies to develop natural resources and deal with the economic flows from those resources as policies to improve infrastructure in rural area, especially at the border area, by constructing the Special Economic Zone. Therefore, this study will try to understand the way that SEZ has shaped and changed the border landscape in Tonpheung District, and to explore the affects of the new economic enterprises on the locals’ livelihoods. In order to investigate how has different economic background affect the way that they adapt to new livelihood, and how the SEZ has led the locals to transfer their land to the investors and what the negotiating processes regarding resettlement compensation have been and its result. Therefore, to identify how the local people in Tonpheung District have adapted to the development schemes within the SEZ, and what the implications have been for their lives.

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