Environmental Entitlement and Livelihoods of the Intha in the Context of the Inle Lake Environmental Degradation, Southern Part of Shan State, Myanmar
. 2013.
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This study provides an analysis of the livelihood diversification patterns of the Intha ethnic group, the members of which are currently facing significant challenges in terms of environmental degradation and insecure market conditions. For the last decade, Inle Lake, the second largest inland lake in Myanmar, has been facing severe environmental deterioration, primarily due to various anthropogenic factors. Improper agricultural practices in the mountainous areas surrounding the lake, and within the floating garden sector  on  the lake, have harmed the lake’s fragile ecosystem, and these ongoing “in-lake” and “near-lake” agricultural practices are the main causes of environmental degradation in the area. While such environmental degradation has drawn the attention of environmentalists, the livelihood activities of the local people have intensified in the lake’s area, due to environmental uncertainties, and it is these uncertainties, as well as unstable market conditions, that have led to the development of the Intha’s livelihood diversification strategies. 

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