Living as Viet-Kieu in Lao PDR, Phonbok Village, Pakse District, Champasak province
. 2013.
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The research findings found that the Vietnamese-Lao at Phonbok village, Pakse District, Champasak Province, the events made the Vietnamese migrated to settle down in Laos in many different periods of time. They escaped to Laos by politics and economics of their country. The first time, Vietnamese escaped to Laos due to the hardships and sufferings from the poverty of drought and French suppression. Moreover, Vietnamese migrated to Lao, due to the French colonial came to take over Lao, and they needed the plenty of recourses and forests, so, in this time, Lao country did not have a person who had high experience and knowledge to work for them. As a result, French took Vietnamese people to work for them and the next event that made Vietnamese moved to Lao due to the Lao country opened the New Economic Mechanism (NEM), in 1975 which Lao country declared to be Lao people’s Democratic Republic. Vietnamese and Lao also had a special relationship with Vietnam that made them migrated rapidly in this time.

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