Consumption of Tourism in the World Heritage Site of Wat Phou Champasak, Champasak Province, Lao PDR
. 2013.
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This study is a case in the world heritage site of Wat Phou Champasak, Champasak province, Lao PDR and focused on consumption of tourism in this world heritage site. The aims of the study are: 1). to investigate the processes that Wat Phou Champasak has become tourist destination; also it becomes attractive to the tourists, 2). to examine the ways Wat Phou has been consumed or gazed by different tourists and 3). To explore the consumption of the tourists contributing to change in local human and cultural landscape.

Through various methods of data collection including participant observation, interview, and secondary data collected. This study found: firstly, the structures of Wat Phou have been the archaeological and historical architectures of ancient Khmer people. It was constructed in the end of 5th -12th centuries. Its characteristics; beside it consists of the archaeological and historical structures artistically; it has also become the sacred site of the Buddhist people. The characteristics mentioned are not enough to become the tourist destination.  However, the tourists visiting this site also see the lifestyle of the local residents living around Wat Phou, which still based on the original style of Lao people. As a result, it can be integrated with the outstanding structures of Wat Phou and this site can attract outsiders as the tourists interested in seeing and it has become the tourist destination. 

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