Capability Poverty and the Livelihood Strategies of Farmers in the Dry Zone of Myanmar
. 2013.
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            The dry zone in the central part of Myanmar is home to the majority of the country’s rain-fed cultivators and the area has been affected by global climate change over the last three decades, and its impacts have gradually become more severe. In fact, rain-fed cultivation is easily impacted by adverse weather conditions and other external factors. The experience of successive shocks and stresses has forced farmers to deal with the liquidation of their key livelihood capitals, their land and cattle, a process which has led to varying levels of impoverishment. To explore this issue further, this study aims to (1) analyze the underlying causes of household vulnerability in the study area, (2) investigate those factors which have led to a decline in the farmers’ productive capabilities, and (3) uncover the ways in which local people have responded to the risk. 

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