The Urban Development, Resettlement and Livelihood Adaptation: A Case Study of Pattana Village, Pakse District, Champasak Province, Lao PDR
. 2013.
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This research focuses on Lao government’ resettlement policy and on the livelihood adaptation strategies of villagers resettled after urban development project in Pakse district, Champasak Province of Lao PDR. Data collected from two-month fieldwork among 30 village informants in Pattana village in Pakse district has shown that the local government’s urban development encompasses the establishment of public infrastructure especially road expansion and the provision of water resources and electricity, telecommunication system, market and other services. In addition, the local government’s resettlement policy entails compensation for the demolition of houses and other properties and the relocation compensation, as well as the allocation of lands to affected villagers. Meanwhile, villagers' livelihood adaptation involved economic, cultural, and social strategies. Furthermore, villagers resettled to the new village setting have maintained their social relations as well as religious and cultural practices in order to ensure social harmony in the new residence. The study suggests that local governments planning any urban development project set up carefully-

planned compensation policy and resettlement-related activities to ensure sustainable livelihood of affected people.

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