15-17 January 2010
ANRC Workshop: Human Security and Religious Certainty
Venue :
Chiang Mai Grandview Hotel
Detail :

Throughout Southeast Asia one can discern an upsurge of public ritual and religious practice, linking this-worldly economic, political and existential concerns with transcendental beliefs. This workshop, funded by the Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration, brings together researchers from Asia, Australia and the Netherlands in order to explore if, and how, the religious upsurge can be interpreted as compensation for the risks, uncertainties, opaqueness and unpredictability characterizing the neoliberalization of everyday life in Southeast Asian risk societies. In so doing, the workshop will link existential concerns with a notion of ‘human security from below’. 

Workshop Themes:
1.Mitigating risk
2.Engaging risk
3.Religious certainty


Website : http://rcsd.soc.cmu.ac.th/ANRC/