13-24 December 2010
Capacity Building Workshop on the Return, Repatriation and Reintegration of Trafficked Persons in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (1)
Venue :
Chiang Mai Grandview hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Detail :

Trafficking in Persons (TIP) is one of the most pressing global issues. It is considered a modern slavery, an exploitation and victimization of human being. TIP is a threat to human security and an inexcusable violation of fundamental rights. Sexual servitude is a crime that occurs across cultures and continents. The combat against the illicit trade in human being is a shared responsibility. It is a challenge that needs the global community, regional community and the smallest community to work together and take real actions with commitment to make real changes. Partnerships at all levels are needed in order to put things in perspective, improve our tools, increase the capacity to fight the horrible crime and move together towards the eradication of the threat to the liberty and independence of human being. As a mean to that end, awareness on the issue should be raised. Those in danger are to be protected and prevention measures should be put in place. Prosecution of traffickers is to be fully enforced. Accountability and transparency are to be a reality not just an ideal. And above all, best practices are to be shared.

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