Job Opening: Internal Strategic Planning Consultant

To ensure accountability, effectiveness, and the ability to leverage success and impact, RCSD needs a
comprehensive strategic plan to be in place. The strategic planning process aims to enable RCSD to
strategically develop and execute the plans that strengthen institutions, exploit opportunities based
on its comparative advantages, forge its strategic alliances and manage risks.

For this purpose, RCSD is looking for a consultant/consultancy team who can assess RCSD’s internal
position and develop a Strategic Plan by assessing RCSD’s existing position within CMU and reflecting
on the current context of opportunities and risks.

Scope of the Consultancy
During the strategic planning process, the consultant (team/individual) may apply appropriate tools
and methods to assess the RCSD’s internal position as part of the Faculty of Social Science and the
broader external context. The consultant (team/individual) will be expected to complete the
following activities at a minimum, but not limited to;

  • Assess the RCSD’s structure and position reflecting the contexts of its working environment
  • Identify organizational vision, mission, and values statement
  • Conduct an initial assessment of RCSD and CMU by reviewing the existing policy and procedures
  • Facilitate discussions and meetings with staff members and partners to:
    • Review and reflect on the success and challenges of RCSD over the past five years
    • Identify key activities and areas of engagement based on the comparative advantages and values of RCSD
    • Conduct SWOT analysis to identify
  • Develop a formal written strategy for strengthening the institutional capacity of RCSD

Reporting Requirements, Deliverables and Timeframe
The assignment should start no later than December 2022 and must be completed within the
timeframe mentioned in the deliverables below which is based on an intensive cycle of 90 days to
keep and create clear momentum for delivery.

DeliverablesMain ActivitiesTimeframe
Inception report and work plan– Inception notes and tentative work plan
– Incorporate the comments and feedback from RCSD team
At the end of December 2022
Interim/Draft report– Assessment report with results and findings of institutional assessment and evaluation on RCSD’s positioning among its networks
– Report includes basic analysis, covering the assessment scope
At the second week of February 2023
Final draft– Incorporate comments and review draft reports through
consultations, discussions, feedback, reviews from RCSD Team
– Submit final report in English
At the second week of March 2023

Timeframe: 90 days

Selection Criteria

  1. Understanding of Chiang Mai University’s institutional policies and procedures
  2. Able to deliver all products in English language
    Application for the consultancy should include:
  3. CV of proposed individual in English language
  4. Technical and financial proposal: Outline of assessment framework and methods, proposed
    timeframe, work plan and budget.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application by 15 November 2022 to For further inquiries, please send us an email or call 053-943595.