KNOTS Summer School and Field Trip 2017: Vietnam

(18 September to 1 October 2017)

The Knowledge Networks of Transdisciplinary Studies (KNOTS) Summer School in Tam Dao, Vietnam, addressed development challenges in Southeast Asia, including climate change, social inequality, rivers, forests, and ecotourism. Funded by the Erasmus+ Program, professors from Europe, Thailand, and Vietnam shared insights on transdisciplinary research with a diverse group of participants.

Transdisciplinary research begins with three key questions: 1. Why conduct the research? 2. What to explore in the research? 3. How to conduct the research? These questions guide researchers as they explore complex topics, emphasizing a broad, exploratory approach.

Transdisciplinary research doesn’t follow a strict sequence, but it involves integrating information from various stages, considering time and funding constraints.

The KNOTS Summer School in Tam Dao was a successful and culturally enriching experience. It allowed participants to immerse themselves in local life and appreciate Vietnamese culture. The summer school’s success was attributed to efficient organization and collaboration among universities, making it possible for students and professors to work together. The next summer school, hosted by Chiang Mai University in Thailand, promises further opportunities for transdisciplinary research exploration.

The summer school enhanced the author’s understanding of transdisciplinary research, benefiting those embarking on a social science PhD. It provided valuable networking opportunities for future research and funding prospects.