CDSSEA 01: Health Care Privatization and Migrant Construction Workers in Hanoi, Vietnam

Since the introduction of the Doi moi policy, Vietnam has changed significantly, moving from abject poverty to its current status as a middle income country. However, not all people have enjoyed the achievements of Doi moi. The gap between rich and poor has increased and the latter are sometimes left behind. This book focuses on the hidden parts of Vietnam’s health care system. Before Doi moi all Vietnamese citizens equally access to health services. However, economic reform has meant that now the poor have to spend more out-of-pocket for health services that are often above their incomes.

Focusing on migrant construction workers, whose work is harsh and dangerous, this book reveals how the poor cope with health problems and their vulnerability as a group under a privatized health care system.

Publication date : December 2017
Price : 250 Baht / 8 US$