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Transcending State Boundaries

Contesting Development, Social Suffering and Negotiation

In this second volume, six papers have been included, covering two themes: (i) ‘Large Dam Projects and Social Suffering’ and (ii) ‘Spatial Arrangements, Borders and Negotiation’. The papers in this volume discuss the impacts that state-sponsored development programs have had on the livelihoods of local people. It is generally believed that development is essential for boosting economic prosperity and eradicating poverty at the national/regional level; however, at the micro-level, development projects, and especially dam construction projects, often lead to problems for local people and are the source of social suffering, suffering that they then have to find ways to cope with. As a response, both direct and indirect contestation and negotiation are often used by local people in order to regain and retain their rights and identities.

ISBN: 978-974-672-657-3
Publication date : December 2011
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