UMD 11: Understanding the Health-seeking Behavior of People with Lay-ngan-yaw-gar (stroke) in Bago Township, Myanmar

Although lay-ngan-yaw-gar (stroke) is a common public health issue in Myanmar, the majority of studies to date have focused solely on the medical and physiological aspects of stroke, viewing the subject mainly from a Western medical perspective.

This study fills a knowledge gap and tries to understand how people with lay-ngan-yaw-gar in rural villages seek medical attention and treatment based on diverse influences derived from their community and leading to interaction with health care providers. Health care seeking behavior involves not just communication between the patient and the provider, but also has a multitude of social, cultural, religious, spiritual and psychological aspects.

The case studies in this volume give us a real life glimpse into the experiences of people with lay-ngan-yaw-gar and how they  seek out health-care, their decisions and understanding of their illness, and evaluation of the treatment of different health care providers, both in the folk sector and biomedical sector.

Publication date : February 2018
Price : 200 Baht / 7 US$