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Uncertain Lives: Changing Borders and Mobility in the Borderland of the Upper Mekong

“…this collection forms a noble addition to and an advance on an already considerable genre of ethnically-focused collections on the borderlands between China and mainland Southeast Asia, in which ethnographic work emanating from northern Thailand has been crucial and pivotal…” 

“…What is remarkable about this collection of studies is that it represents the latest in a now very strong set of collaborations between social scientists at Chiang Mai University in northern Thailand, and those at Yunnan University in China, and it is fair to say that new perspectives and approaches are emerging from these forms of regional cooperation which, more and more, include researchers from Laos and Vietnam also. What sometimes used to be called “Leach country” is no longer the case; it has been returned to those who live in and understand the region and its unique points of view best…”