Addressing Multiple Marginalities Conference: 8-10 December 2022

Uniserv 239 Nimmanahaeminda Road, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

The “Multiple Marginalities” conference is the first event being held by the Association for Asian Studies under the “Cultivating the Humanities and Social Sciences and Supporting Under-Represented Scholars of Asia” project, with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). This symposium will bring together research and institutional partners from Thailand, India, Pakistan, […]

Pushed Out: Forced Migration & Displacement from and within Myanmar

Subaltern Meeting Room Operations Building, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

Join us on Friday, 24 February at 2 pm (Indochina/Western Indonesia time) for a special talk: "PUSHED OUT: Forced migration and displacement from and within Myanmar." This panel will discuss the situation of forced displacement of Myanmar people, both internally within the country and moving outward to Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Each speaker will help […]