Burma concern

Burma Concern Project
‘A Creative Platform for Understanding Burma’

The Burma Concern initiative aims to bridge the gap of understanding that exists, and to facilitate information sharing and mutual learning, regarding Burmese issues among both Thai academic community and the public, by organizing regular seminars and public forums which will focus on  historical, cultural, socio-economic, environmental and people issues associated with the situation in Burma, and in particular current issues arising along the Thai-Burmese border, those that give the area its ‘trans-border’ nature.


To provide information on and support activities which help to raise awareness and provide a better understanding on Burmese issues among Thai community as a whole, including social and political developments, human and resource rights, and border issues, and  

To provide a nodal point of contact for, and support interaction among academics, NGOs, development          practitioners, local groups, civil groups, medias and those from the public interested in Burma related issues.



  • A Series of Seminars on ‘Current Issues in Burmese Studies’  
    This series of academic-oriented seminars will address historical, socio-economic, cultural and environmental aspects of Burma, and also Thai-Burmese trans-border issues, in order to provide a better understanding of Burmese issues among academic community. Thai, Burmese and non-Southeast Asian scholars, researchers and professionals, those who have worked in Burma or have conducted research on Burma-related issues, will be invited to give presentations and lectures, in order to facilitate critical exchanges of views and information.


  • Public Forums on ‘Border Watch’
    To communicate and share information on current issues with respect to the Thai-Burmese border, among NGOs, the Thai public, students and college faculties, as well as Burmese communities in Chiang Mai, public forums will be organized every two months. Topics will not focus solely on border issues, but will also touch upon the trans-border nature of the relationship between Thailand and Burma.

    The purpose of the forum is to draw academic communities together, namely faculty members and students, to become more interested in Burmese issues. The target audience will include NGOs, development practitioners working on Burmese issues, civil groups in Chiang Mai, the media, and students and faculties interested in Burmese issues.


  • Art and Cultural activities
    To raise understanding of cultural diversity of ethnic groups in Burma for Thai audience, by organizing art events such as photo exhibition, talks and cultural performances with cooperation with partners organizations both inside Burma and Thailand.


Website : www.burmaconcern.com


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