Call for applications: Development Studies & Social Research certificate program

For students in Myanmar,

Are you involved in community organizing? Are you a new academic, or already working in development? Are you working in the public sector, or in media? For these jobs, skills in social research are a strong necessity. Expand your knowledge of contemporary social science theories and methods so you can better investigate the issues that affect you and your community: everything from land governance to environment, development to inequality, and how regional and transnational trends affect these issues.
You will learn to link social theories to real-world research practice. The skills you learn in this program will help you and your community to build new academic and practical knowledge, the kind of knowledge much needed, particularly in Myanmar. Training a new generation of social researchers is critical in this time of difficulty, change and hardship. This program will connect you with an international network of academics and development professionals. You will also earn academic credit, usable toward a master’s degree at Chiang Mai University.

All coursework is completely online, with courses flexibly designed to match the needs of learners with limited time, irregular schedules, and unpredictable connectivity. Instructors are available for live online discussion or through other communication channels. Funding is available for students with demonstrated need.

The course is accredited by Chiang Mai University; these academic credits can be used in the future for a master’s level degree at Chiang Mai University.

Course structure
The course contains seven taught modules and supervised term paper/assignments, delivered through lectures, group discussion, self-study, and guided group work. Students are expected to read the core texts for each lecture. Lecture and discussion will be in Burmese; reading materials will be in English. Each module will comprise 45 hours of teaching, discussion and guided assignment.

The course is developed and delivered by Dr. Mike Griffiths (Research Director, SPPRG, Research Associate, University of Hull) with over 15 years experience teaching and conducting research in Myanmar.

Scholarship funding
Some scholarship support for students from Myanmar is available. Please contact for further details.

The course is accredited by Chiang Mai University, with credits usable for the Master’s degree in Social Sciences (Development)

Duration: 6 months
Date: 7 January – 9 July 2023
Time: Sat & Sun (flexible hours)
Number of students accepted: 20

Registration Fee: 30,000 THB (plus 600 THB Chiang Mai University fee)

Scholarships: Limited scholarships for Myanmar students are available. Please contact

Application: 1 November – 20 December 2022
Deadline for fee payment: 21 December 2022

Course subjects

  • Foundation of Social Research
  • Human Development Theories
  • Special Issues on Development Studies and Social Research
  • Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  • Design and Analysis for Qualitative Research
  • Design and Analysis for Quantitative and Geographic Information System (GIS) Research
  • Advanced Statistics for Social Research

Follow this link to apply
If you need further information please contact us via email