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Ambiguity of Identity: The Mieu in North Vietnam

The monograph is based on Nguyen Van Thang’s Ph.D. dissertation at the department of Anthropology, University of Washington. It is a study on how a particular local community in northern Vietnam who identify themselves with the ethnonym “Mieu” or “Na Mieu” have adapted to a world which other peoples-the Tay and the Kinh-are dominant and how the modern state and, to a lesser extent, the modern economy, have increasingly reshaped the condition in which they live. It examines the pressure on Mieu people to adapt to this non-Mieu world by considering the nature of relations that they have had with the Tay and the Kinh, as well as pressures generated from policies of integration and transformation of the central state. It considers changes generated by Mieu’s process of adaptation in relation to the reshaping influences that Mieu people have taken to construct their identify and the way in which they present themselves as a distinct people.

Publication date : July 2007
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