CDSSEA 12: Cross-Border Higher Education, Social Capital Accumulation and Everyday Life Negotiation

Under a combination of push and pull factors, Cambodian students are non-docile but active decision-makers seeking opportunities.  Instead of gaining global citizenship through English-speaking education, the Cambodian students in Hanoi have clearly shown that there are alternative routes to elevating their social status in the regional dimension.  They are active in accumulating social capital for their current and future progress during their study in Hanoi.  Instead of merely acquiring cultural capital directly in the form of educational qualification, the Cambodian students in Hanoi have fostered strong social relations with both Cambodians and Vietnamese that offer them immediate and potential benefits.  The everyday life practices of Cambodian students demonstrates that the process of social capital accumulation is diverse and multiple in expression.  From the anthropological perspective, this research offers an oft-neglected but crucial dimension in appreciating the dynamism of social capital accumulation in cross-border higher education

Publication date : May 2018
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