CDSSEA 20: Workplace Stigma and Discrimination against LGBTs in Cambodia

LGBT minorities in Cambodia have had limited rights in expressing their gender identity in the workplace. Various forms of stigma and discrimination have been made against them and they have suffered from violence, including sexual harassment, emotional violence and economic violence. This research was based on a sample of respondents who were self-identified lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender who had already experienced and currently experienced stigma and discrimination concerning their gender at work.

This study explored the diversity of experiences regarding stigma and discrimination across different sectors and how individuals coped with issues they faced in the workplace. Discrimination in the workplace against LGBTs was largely influenced by social and cultural attitudes between people in society. The issue impacted on LGBTs emotionally, which resulted in the deterioration of both their life and profession.

Publication date : September 2018
Price : 250 Baht / 8 US$