CPRI 09: Land Grabbing as a Process of State-building in Kachin Areas of Northern Shan State, Myanmar

L Gum Ja Htung takes a comprehensive look at how large-scale land concessions in Kachin areas of north Shan State in Myanmar impact and are responded to by local people. Through careful analysis of the history of conflict in Myanmar, he shows how economic development projects in this area rarely deliver what they promise and instead can be interpreted as a state-building strategy by the central government to gain access and control in ethnic conflict zones through land grabbing. This insider perspective offers a fascinating assessment of how diverse actors have collaborated to successfully resist government plans for a 600,000 acres biofuel plantation crossing Muse and Lashio Districts.

Publication date : February 2018
Price : 330 Baht / 11 US$

Published through Chiang Mai University Press