CPRI 08: The Village in Transition

Development and Socio-economic and Cultural Change in Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai

Tourism development has emerged as a new source of income for many rural communities throughout Thailand. This study investigates the development of tourism and the resulting socio-economic and cultural changes in a rural Northern Thai village—Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai—once known as a producers of Mieng (fermented tea product), recognized as a key element of the community’s culture.

The study argues for the role of Mieng production as a mainstay of village livelihood amidst the changes brought by tourism development. The continued vitality of Mieng culture in Mae Kampong shows how villagers have mobilized it for their livelihood survival and adapted to change in the social relations of Mae Kampong.

Publication date : February 2018
Price : 300 Baht / 10 US$

Published through Chiang Mai University Press