Research Report

Fishing in a Transitional Context

A Case Study of Tam Giang Lagoon, Thua Thien Hue in Vietnam

This study seeks to investigate the key factors causing poverty and environmental degradation in Tam Giang Lagoon, Thua Thien in Hue Province, Vietnam, where adverse environmental adverse impacts such as a loss of biodiversity and pollution have occurred over recent years as a result of both human actions and naturally occurring activities. These impacts have made the lives of the villagers much harder, because their livelihoods largely depend on these very resources. Furthermore, increased vulnerability caused by the effects of climate change has increased poverty among the local inhabitants; the poor are now less able to prevent pollution, deal with the problems caused by it, or gain access to key resources and social services such as credit, healthcare and education.

The research work carried out for this study sought to understand local responses to these difficulties, and has since helped the villagers review their social networks, financial resources, fishing management practices, and their responses to social-political changes. By analyzing and ultimately understanding their situation, in the future villagers will be better able to claim their rights in terms of resource use and management. The study also shows that more joint effort needs to come from both institutions and individuals, in order for an improvement in the lives of the villagers to take place over the longer term.

Publication date : October 2013