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Local Control of Land and Forest

Cultural Dimension of Natural Resource Management in Northern Thailand

This book is a fine collection of essays, reflecting Dr. Anan Ganjanapan’s intellectual advance into the area of culture and resource management during the last two decades. The essays organized into seven chapters, showing Dr. Anan’s early theoretical interest in land tenure and the complexities of the contflicts and contradictions between the lowland farmers and the capitalist class, and his late interest in the issues of customary rights and foreset resource management. Dr. Anan uses the concept of culture as thread connecting the issues of local control of land and forest, conflict between local people and the state with regard to forest and land management, as well as the practice of community forest in Northern Thailand. He also demonstrates how the “study from below” can help us to understand the dynamic interpenetration between state and local communities in the context of resource management and the process of commercialization and development. Dr. Chayan Vaddhanaphuti

Publication date : 2000
Price : 375 Baht / 20 US$