UMD 14: Erosion and Community Resilience

A Case Study of Shwetasoke Village, Kawa Township, Bago Region

Dr. Zin Mar Latt has taken a deep dive into the life of rural Myanmar and the heavy challenges people there face from not just environmental and natural disasters, but also the human-made responses and adaptations to them.

As more frequent and extensive erosion and flooding becomes the norm, Shwetasoke locals rely on traditional family and community networks, changing agricultural practices and religious space, as well as ritual ceremonies, and also put to work new tools of an independent press, social media and advocacy campaigns, and engaging the researcher Zin Mar Latt herself as advocate-scholar to promote their agenda to political actors at the regional and national levels.

Dr. Zin Mar Latt’s research stands as a critical case study of how communities exercise resilience to cope with drastic change and to maintain traditional ways of life, and also where they may be required to make serious adjustments, if not wholesale changes. 

Publication date : December 2019