UMD 18/CPRI 20: India’s Geo-strategic Kaladan Mission in Western Burma

Regional integration, confrontation, social movement

In this monograph, June Nilian Sang has thoroughly researched the emergence, development and implications of the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transport Linkage connecting India’s mainland to its North Eastern Region through Burma. His analysis from various angles—starting from the state-level down to the developers and affected local communities—provides a profound understanding of what is at play at different levels. 

His insights about India’s attempt to counterbalance China’s influence through tightening their relationship with Burma are not only relevant to this ongoing project, but also serve as a framework to interpret future developments taking place in Southeast Asia. The exploration of the non-resistant movement, representing and amplifying the voice of the affected people, has indicated that a precedent has been created in Burma which could potentially model future activism in the region. At the same time, it attests to the valuable contribution of this study to the literature on contemporary social movements. 

Publication date: April 2021