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Program Aims

The MA in Social Science (Development Studies) strives to develop a methodology that is not strictly bound by static or essentialist modes of thinking. The body of knowledge taught; therefore, is derived from dynamic models which are suited to social and environmental contexts. It uses multiple methods to encourage learning from local experience, and promotes local participation in the management and development of natural resources. The sustainability of natural life support systems and equitability of resource use are also explored.

We encourage our students to search for alternative policies and to strive for the promotion of sustainable development based on ecological sustainability and security of local livelihoods through the participation of local people. Research topics focus on, among other things, resource management, local knowledge, sustainable development, health, cross-border migration and gender.

Program Structure

The MA in Social Science (Development Studies) is taught in English. Two semesters are taught each year, with the first semester running from August to November and the second semester running from January to May. The MA is comprised of two principal parts; coursework and a thesis. Coursework for the program is divided into core and elective components, with all core courses, as well as the thesis component having to be completed.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University Chiang Mai 50200 THAILAND
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