2019 IARU “Border Lands” wrap-up

The 2019 “Border Lands” program of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) has come to a close after nearly a full month of lectures + internships. IARU’s students spent the last several weeks working together with a wide variety of civil society organizations throughout Northern Thailand. The program closed out with student interns presenting their reflections on and summaries of their experiences working with organizations on topics covering livelihood changes on the Mekong River to land rights, mapping, and tenure issues; the intersectionality of gender, ethnicity, and economic issues among sex workers, to water management and access to agricultural land in forest communities‚Ķ just to name a few.

RCSD is very happy to see the critical engagement of IARU’s scholars and hope that the fertile range of issues that they’ve begun to touch on in the last few weeks leads to new and interesting research and collaboration!