Job Opening: Education/Training Needs Assessment Consultant

As an organization that has long been working on Myanmar issues, RCSD has developed an initiative
to provide an emergency and long-term assistance to recent political migrants from Myanmar. From
the exploratory visits to Mae Sot during August 2022 to October 2022 to meet with different
stakeholders including the political migrants to undertake preliminary assessment of their
education/training needs, RCSD found that an understanding of embedded situation that those
people are encountering would render an in-depth analysis of the needs, not only in the areas of
education, yet covering wide-ranging issues i.e. security, livelihood, psychological support, and

RCSD is searching for a consultant who will work closely with RCSD team to assess educational needs
of Myanmar political migrants through co-production of knowledge approach to learn about their
lived experiences, needs, coping strategies in different situation and their resilience. The process of
co-production of knowledge has contributed to not only generating new ideas and knowledge but
also made a significant change in building trust among them, confidence, and psychosocial healing
from their trauma that has also reduced the isolation. This assessment will further develop a
comprehensive strategic plan to support their needs.

Scope of the Consultancy

  1. Develop situational analysis in Mae Sot on the political migrants by working with them
    through the co-production of knowledge approach.
  2. Explore the ways in which RCSD can collaborate with and support the needs of Myanmar
    political migrants as part of the development of RCSD’s three-year strategic engagement
    program in Mae Sot.
  3. Explore upskilling strategies and options to engage the political migrants to expand their
    contributions towards the educational needs of the Myanmar political migrant’s
    community in Thailand. 

Reporting Requirements, Deliverables and Timeframe
The assignment should start no later than November 2022 and must be completed within the
timeframe mentioned in the deliverables below which is based on intensive cycle of 90 days to keep
and create clear momentum for delivery.

DeliverablesMain ActivitiesTimeframes
Inception Report &
Work Plan
– Inception notes and tentative workplan submitted by consultant, including identification of issues that may affect work schedule
– Incorporate the comments and feedback from RCSD team
At the end of November 2022
Interim/Draft Report– Assessment report with results and findings of the project and outline of recommendations based on the information collected throughout the project
– Report includes basic gap analysis, covering the assessment scope
At the second week of January 2023
Validation of Draft Report / Final Draft– Incorporate comments and review draft reports through consultations, discussions, feedback, reviews from RCSD Tea
– Submit final report
At the end of
February 2023

Selection Criteria

  1. Understanding of Myanmar political and social situations and the conditions of Myanmar
    political migrants in Mae Sot
  2. Experience in co-production of knowledge approach and facilitation skills to build trust and
    relationships and aware of various degree of psychosocial support needs
  3. Able to produce assessment report in English

Application for the consultancy should include:

  1. CV of proposed individual in English language
  2. Technical and financial proposal: Outline of assessment framework and methods, proposed
    timeframe, work plan and budget.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application by 15 October 2022 to For further inquiries, please send us an email or call 053-943595.