Sino Thai Explorations: Transnational Flows, Reconnection, and Collaborative Development in the Post-pandemic Era

This is the second publication featuring the perspectives of undergraduate ethnology students at Yunnan University on different forms of human, cultural, and capital flows and transformations in the social landscape of Northern Thailand. Focused on the unique historical moment of the immediate post-Covid 19 world, the research articles contained here are the product of a unique collaboration summer school, hosted by Chiang Mai University in August 2023 for a selected group of students from Yunnan University. The students came to conduct short-term fieldwork in various communities under the guidance of academic mentors from both Chiang Mai and Yunnan universities. The resulting papers are a series of intriguing case studies, from transformed tourist economies, new transnational education, cultural, and business networks, and the social shifts triggered by export-oriented cash cropping. This publication shows the potential for critical engagement in the region and the unique perspective of Chinese anthropologists-in-training.

The publication is available as a pdf below, or contact RCSD for hard copies.