Two new books on Myanmar are now available from RCSD. “Conflict, Complexity & Climate Change: Emergent federal systems and resilience in post-coup Myanmar” by Ashley South explores the emergence of sub-national governance—a “new federalism”—in Myanmar and what this means for the future of Burma as a nation and its people, published by RCSD with the invaluable support of Canada’s IDRC.

“Coup, Covid & Climate Change” is a collection of papers and articles presented at the 7th International Conference on International Relations and Development (ICIRD) which was hosted by Chiang Mai University in July 2022. Edited by Chayan Vaddhanaphuti and Gustaaf Houtman, the various authors in this book tackle subjects ranging from the conditions of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand, climate change impacts on livelihoods inside Myanmar, and new forms of resilience and “adaptive capacity” taken up by the people of Myanmar over the past few years as they have dealt with Covid pandemic, political chaos, and heightened conflict.

Read full descriptions of “Conflict, Complexity & Climate Change” and “Coup, Covid, and Climate Change” and download the books as pdf’s through the links. To obtain paper hard copies of both books, please email