To promote active interaction, mutual learning and information sharing among graduate students, scholars and researchers regarding regionalization and development in the Mekong Region, RCSD organizes annual regional seminars and tri-annual conferences. These forums aim to situate the region's emerging issues within a conceptual framework, taking into account both local and regional contexts, and leading to the establishment of collaborative networks among researchers, scholars and institutions in the Mekong Region. The regional seminars are organized on a rotational basis outside Thailand, and have been held in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

As well as promoting vigorous academic exchange within the region, through these conferences, seminars and public forums RCSD also introduces local issues to the wider academic community; to policy makers and the public.

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Titles International Conference "Critical Transition in the Mekong Region"
Date 29-31 January 2007

Titles Regional Seminar "The Regionalization of Development: Redefining Local Culture, Space and Identity in the Mekong Region"
Date 22-24 April 2006

Titles Regional Seminar "(Re) Inventing Tradition: Articulating Modernity in the Mekong Region"
Date April 2005

Titles RCSD Reseach Seminar
Date November 2005

Titles Seminar "Social Sciences at the Periphery"
Date January 2004

Titles International Conference "Politics of the Commons: Articulating Development and Strengthening Local Practices"
Date July 2003

Titles XIII International Congress: Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism
Date April 2002

Titles Conference "Culture at Crossroads: The Challenge of Preservation and Development in Sipsongpanna"
Date July 2002

Titles Social Change in the Econmic Transition of Livelihoods: Voices from the Upland Mountain Community in Southwestern China
Date 1 June 2002 - 31 May 2003

Titles International Symposium on Watershed Management "Highland and Lowland in the Protected Area Regime: Towards New Principles and Practices"
Date March 2001
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